About Us

Practical Design Learning

The Founder

KZNDS is the brainchild of Rashaad Sallie, Founder and Creative Director of theimagehouse design studio. Founded in 1998, Rashaad has grown theimagehouse to be recognised as a leading design agency with a track record of clients which include King Fahd University (Saudi Arabia), Malaysia Airlines, Brett Shuttleworth, Diversity Institute, Newcastle Municipality, Majuva TVET College and many more. With over 30 years of design experience, Rashaad knows all about design and the business of design.

It’s time to share

“I have been in Newcastle for 19 years and found a tremendous amount of creatives but always had difficulties finding a professional designer. I realised that a professional design school is needed, not only for Newcastle but surrounding areas as far as Pietermaritzberg. Not everyone has the ability or finances to move to Johannesburg or Durban to study Graphic Design – we are right here, ready! My dream is to create a design centre for all creatives to learn and share their expertise. A good qualified professional creative will now have the opportunity to share their knowledge in the form of short courses right here at KZNDS.” This is the creative platform that KZNDS offers.

It’s all about your Portfolio

As a designer, it’s your portfolio that counts. Potential clients or employers are not interested in the jargon written in a certificate, but want to see what you can do, how you solve design problems and can you deliver. Our aim at the KZNDS is to equip future designers with an excellent portfolio, confidence and the industry knowledge to make any job interview a success.

Our Commitment

KZNDS is committed to providing students with the best resources for their design journey. Choose us today to start yours and see why we are Practical Design Learning.